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Canella furniture for the Constitutional Court of Gabon

16 julio 2014
A Government delegation visited the factory last March in order to learn more about the production processes of the company.

After several months of lengthy presentations, negotiations, and travelling to the African country, Valencian company Canella Furniture has been chosen to provide a comprehensive furniture installation of the Constitutional Court of Gabon, one of the most emblematic buildings of this country.

This project is one of the most important challenges facing the company, because of its big dimensions and the importance for the country.

This government organization is located in the city of Liebreville, the capital of Gabon with port access and is a trading center of the region of Timber in Africa. It is a building of nearly 2,000 m2 and with an auditorium of over 525 m2 to accommodate the members of the court and with a capacity of 666 people.

From all the collections of Canella, the Government of Gabon have chosen for this project theAlemán Collecton in Olive finishing, also combined with a unique panel upholstery, therefore, providing elegance to this building.

In addition to the auditorium, Canella Furniture will make smaller facilities, like the main door of the Institutional Court to be made in Iroko wood and whose overall dimensions reach 2.6 meters wide and 5 meters high.

The Visit of Gabonese Government

During the long process of negotiation, a Gabonese government delegation visited the factory in Picassent, in order to learn more about the production processes of the company.

Salvador Jimenez, Manager Canella said "what customers liked was the careful manual and craft work that we do in many of our processes, such as marquetry, woodwork or polish, combined with some of the most advanced production processes" .

Along with this, one of the decisive factors in the choice of the company was the fact that the whole process was done at the factory and suppliers from Spain, something that was very taken into account by the government delegation.